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Winning Joy

plant volume medium
foliage colour / green medium
stem length medium (40-50cm)
variety comparison stem length orange pixie
forcing period average (65-70 days)
variety comparison forcing period orange pixie
bud count 11/12 3-4
bud count 12/14 4-6
bud count 14/16 6-8
bud count 16/18 8-10
lead bud size cm 9
flower size diameter cm 16
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  • red with an orange brush mark and brown dots in the centre


Selection of plant by season or climate

  • the foliage is dark greencompact,
  • the plant is slender.
  • and the height is similar to that of Orange Pixie
  • forcing period is similar to that of Orange Pixie


Selection of buds and flowers

  • bud count is average, a 10/12 bulb size will give 3 to 4 buds and a 12/14 size gives 4 to 6 buds,
  • the buds are red
  • the flowers size is large