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Bella Bouquet

season Winter
foliage colour / green dark
stem length short (<90 cm.)
variety comparison stem length Love Story / Helvetia
forcing period x fast (65-75 days)
variety comparison forcing period Brindisi
bud count 13/14 2-3
bud count 14/16 3-4
bud count 16/18 4-6
bud count 18/20 5-7
bud formation x compact
bud position x upwards
bud size medium
exclusive / standard standard
shelf live good
comments nice coloured buds
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  • pure pink


Selection of plant by season or climate

  • the testresults are from spring plantings only,
  • a wintervariety.
  • this variety is extremely fast, the forcing period is very short for an Oriental -or OT-lily, similar to that of LA lily, Salmon Classic,
  • the stem length is similar to Helvetia / Love Story,
  • the stem is strong,
  • and the foliage is extra compact and dark green
  • we have noticed a plant-quality difference in warm growing conditions against cooler growing conditions, being very much in favour of the lower temperatures,creating heavier and more uniform plants while still maintaining the fast growing speed


Selection of buds and flowers

  • the bud count is average, a bulb size 14/16 will give 3 to 4 buds, size 18/20 gives 5 to 7 buds in spring,
  • the bud formation is extra compact and upward facing
  • while the bud size is average, the buds all colour pink