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Big News

season Year-round
foliage colour / green green
stem length tall (110+ cm.)
variety comparison stem length Robina / Yelloween
forcing period fast (75-85 days)
variety comparison forcing period Robina / Yelloween
bud count 13/14 2-4
bud count 14/16 3-5
bud count 16/18 4-6
bud count 18/20 5-7
bud formation compact
bud position upwards / sidewards
bud size extra large
exclusive / standard exclusive
shelf live very good
comments very fast, very large flower
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  • pure white


Selection of plant by season or climate

  • the foliage is green and
  • the stem is strong
  • forcing period is very short for a white oriental variety, it is similar to Robina,
  • with a stem length similar to Yelloween.


Selection of plant by season or climate

  • the bud count is average, a bulb size 14/16 will give 3 to 5 buds, size 18/20 gives 5 to 7 buds in spring,
  • the bud formation is compact,
  • but the buds are x large,
  • the flowers are nice, cup shapedx large, Manissa size plus,
  • and a good vase life.